2024 Retreats

The Institute of woman

Make 2024 the year of saying YES to your desires!

Searching for sacred spirituality in the Divine Feminine?

Craving pleasure in Paris?

Looking for luxury, sun and pampering?

At the Institute of WOMAN, we have what you need, and desire...

Welcome to 2024 Retreats!


Join me in Glastonbury, England, also know as Avalon, the home of priestesses, goddesses, fairies, and Magic. On our spiritual journey, you will discover ancient wisdom in the Chalice Well, climb Mount Tor. You will shed layers to reveal your true essence... and you will never be the same.

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Pleasure in Paris

Join me for a pleasure-filled getaway and let the magic of Paris seduce you! We use the city as our muse; you declare your dreams atop the Eiffel Tower and journal in the Tuileries Gardens. You immerse yourself in beauty, fill with inspiration, indulge in buttery croissant, and play in Sisterhood that lasts forever.

Sonoma Luxury

Let me pamper you in the fresh air of luxurious wine country. Delight all of your senses, as we taste wine, journal in the sun, soak in the hot tub, an smell lavander. Let yourself to be treated like the queen you are. You'll release stress, have space to dream and vision, and of course, revel in Sisterhood!

I can’t wait hold you.
I can’t wait to help you FILL UP so you can do it all.
I can’t wait to help you expand your desires and realize your dreams.

It’s never been more important.

WILD: Costa RicA

Join me in tropical Costa Rica to get WILD, feral, primal in our naked truth. We will dance around the fire, we will howl at the moon, we will trek the land and you will UNLEASH to set yourself FREE! You'll desover your truest self. We'll ROARRRR and RISE in our fierce, primal, feminine power!