Inside of you is a Wise, Wild WOMAN.

She's tired of playing small for others, of following "the rules."

She's yearning to come out.
To be unleashed.
To go big.

To play.
To fly.

She's ready to be set FREE.

UNLEASH HER at WILD in Costa Rica. Introducing...


The Wild woman retreat

Costa Rica

March 21-24, 2024

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You've been taught to be a "Good Girl." To be seen and not heard. To feel ashamed of your messy, wild, nature.

You've been told you're too emotional. Too sensitive. Too much and not enough at the same time.

So you hold back from your biggest dreams and deepest desires because people would think you were wayyy too much if they knew.

You say "YES" to everyone else, which means saying "NO" to your own needs.

But with the world in upheaval you can no longer hide. No longer accept crumbs. After 2 years of lockdown, overworking, feeling stuck and lost, it's time to UNLEASH, Sister.

Inside of you is the WILD WOMAN:

Unbound. Untamed.
Unleashed. Alive.
Radiant. Real. True.

Your essence.

And SHE is the key to your happiness.

It's time to set her free.

Join me, and like-souled Sisters, to howl, dance, shed old layers, and rise in power!

Here's What You'll Get...

  • 4 days in luscious, tropical, warm Costa Rica to UNLEASH and claim your full feral feminine power
  • 3 nights of howling at the moon, deep Sisterhood and sacred ceremony
  • All activities and coaching to transform your life
  • Yoga, jungle, swimming, playing, laughing, crying, DANCING in safe sacred Sisterhood that lasts a lifetime
  • All yummy, nourishing meals included
  • Lodging (shared rooms) for 3 nights included

My passion is to help women live wild and free, to love themselves and to fully go for their dreams. That takes WILD courage, WILD boldness, WILD YOU. Join me in beautiful Costa Rica and allow me to pamper you, elevate you, and set you FREE! Together we'll let go and claim our WILD nature. Our naked truth. We'll ROARRRR and RISE in our fierce, primal, feminine power!

I'll take you through exercises that shift you at a cellular level, moving out decades of old patterns and creating lasting change. If you've been on one of my retreats you know they're truly transformational!

What is the Wild WOMAN?

She says YES to her heart and soul desires. She says NO if it drains her or is a "should." She goes after her dreams. She doesn't let fear hold her back. She channels anger into fuel. She transmutes grief into purpose. She rises from the ashes more powerfullly. She sways her hips and dances with the moon. She sings loudly and speaks her voice bravely. She is me. She is we. She is YOU.

This retreat is an all inclusive experience from the moment you arrive at the retreat house until the moment you leave it. Your lodging in a beautiful tropical home, your meals, your pampering, coaching, gifts, and care are all included.* Separately, coaching with Carina starts at $4000, so WILD is an incredible deal to get focused attention on you!

WILD is a $3900 value but with the war and economy, I've reduced prices so...

Instead of $4000,
You get all of this for only $412 per month for 6 months, or one payment up front of $2222

*Flights and transportation to the home are not included, but Costa Rica is easy, accessible, and affordable to travel to at this time, one of the reasons I chose it for this retreat.

WHat's your Freedom worth to you?

Too many of us are unaccustomed to spending on ourselves. We put others' needs before our own. We keep doing what we've always done, going around in circles, staying stuck in the same old ruts.

If nothing changes, nothing changes.

But you deserve more. And this retreat IS more!

If you've been feeling the need to live larger...
If you've wanted to take up more space...
If you know there's a WILD woman inside of you but you just haven't known to access her, how to bring her out, how to unleash her...

... then THIS is your chance, your golden opportunity to break those shackles and be FREE!

What is it like to work with Carina?

"(Carina) Has such a gift. She has the ability to see, honor, celebrate and encourage & inspire each of us uniquely and all of us collectively. I felt witnessed, cherished, celebrated, encouraged, accepted, & loved from Day 1. And after working together, it feels like a connection that will last and last. The bonds and love forged are real and deep."
Jaime L.

“I don't really have words for working with Carina. She really is the woman whisperer, and though she might sometimes push you to the edges, she does it lovingly and while having your back. Working with her is edgy at times, but doing the exercises full out and staying with it and through through it liberated me and gave me empowerment."If you're considering working with Carin, do it. I mean seriously, do it!"

"I am incredibly grateful for having found you…your impact on me, my life is not to be described with words…"

"Working with Carin has been truly life changing, in a way that nothing else has. She opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking, feeling and perceiving my life and this world that I am part of. Carin’s incredible mix of talents –including an expertise in positive psychology, a deeply intuitive nature, a strong focus on purpose, a love for coaching others, and a natural charisma – position her uniquely to make a profound impact in the lives of those who choose to work with her. My fulfillment, relationships, emotions and confidence have all improved dramatically since working with Carin. I’m deeply grateful to her for sharing her gifts with me, and I’d recommend her services to any woman who wants a more fulfilling life!"

"I am afloat because of the things you have taught me. I actually want to do more with you. Thank you for what you have added to my life, you are AMAZING!!!! Joining your program was one of the best decisions of my whole life!"

"Working with Carin has been life altering. When I first met Carin I was at a crossroads in my life— I was at an impasse in my career and personal relationships, my inner critic wasn't particularly kind, and I felt anxious and lost. Carin truly works magic. She completely altered my perception of my place in the world in a positive way, and she gave me the tools I needed to be a more confident and authentic version of myself. I (feel) grounded and energized. Since working with Carin, I am more open, I smile and laugh more, and I see the world as a place full of mystery and wonder."

I Want to Be WILD!!!

You can call me Carina.

Hi! I’m Carin Rockind, but you can call me Carina, and I’m leading a global revolution for every WOMAN to reclaim her power. And for us to rise together in our magnificent glory.

I take a stand for all women to fulfill their wildest dreams. To live on purpose, in joy, and with self-love.

To unleash the “Good Girl” and be the WOMAN who accepts nothing less than your true desires.

To rise from the ashes of feeling broken to realize just how whole - how beautiful- you are.

Every woman I know is resilient, courageous, and powerful beyond measure - even if you don’t yet know it.

I will show you, and in my arms, you will release lifetimes and generations of wounds and alchemize them all into soul-led gold.

All of it will lead you to your Wisdom.

I’m here to I celebrate WOMAN. To celebrate YOU. And I will teach you to celebrate yourself.

After all of the institutions have betrayed us, I’m here to build the Institute we need: Of and for conscious women.

As a Speaker, Podcaster, Author, Coach, and Founder of The Institute of WOMAN, I’ve spoken on stages for 1000+ people at companies like Amazon, been the “Happiness Guru” on a SiriusXM show and coached thousands of women to reclaim their power through Sisterhood, courses and groups.

I’m a domestic violence, armed robbery and miscarriage Survivor who has turned my pain into purpose to be the Mama, Wife, Feminist, World Traveler and High Priestess I was born to be.

I am Wild & Free. Wise & Grounded. Alive & On Fire.


I create sacred and powerful spaces for women to feel fully alive and free.
Women just like you.
Because you are WOMAN too.



Will I get focused attention?
Yes, this retreat is only available for up to 8 women, so you'll get lots of focused time and attention from me, Carina.

Will I like the other women?
If you're like me and most women, you have some wounding around women. From mean girls at school or on the PTA, your mom, sister, etc. That's normal, and it's a reason to go on a retreat like this. The healing will change your life, and the lives of your daughters, nieces, and all you touch. Only women can heal this wound when together, so I take my job of creating safety as the utmost importance.

This is a safe and sacred space to bring all of you and be LOVED for YOU. Obviously, we can't guarantee how you'll feel about the other women, but in the more than 20 retreats I've facilitated, women have consistently LOVED each other! Many become friends for life. I genuinely believe I attract the best women on the planet.

I'm a little afraid of the WILD Woman inside...
Any time we choose evolution and transformation, it's scary. We've developed patterns over our lifetime because we needed safety in our families of origin, school, religion, etc. But when those patterns no longer serve us, we know we need change. On the other side of that fear is more love, more light, more freedom, joy and success than you can imagine. It's brave and exciting to make that change - and yes, a little scary. I pride myself on being super gentle with my clients. I (and we) will hold space for your fears and work with you to transmute them into your power, purpose, and liberation.

Can I get a refund?
Because of the nature of retreats, and the fact that we pay for lodging, food and activities in advance, please understand that refunds are not possible.

Will my photo be taken and used for promotion?
We will take photos throughout the weekend for ourselves, and appropriate pictures will be shared online for other women to see the experience of retreats with me so that they can have the same experience. If you don't want your photo to be used online, that's perfect too. Just let me, Carina, know in advance and we'll make sure it is not!

Other questions? Please message my team: