You feel the stir - the voice inside that you're here for More.
You know something must change.
You yearn to feel ALIVE, whole, free.
Being stuck is no longer an option.
You won't let fear and unworthiness win.

You're no longer willing to accept crumbs.
You hear the call for a higher purpose.
For joy. For playfulness. For sensuality.
You're ready to step into your leadership.

Welcome to W, The New Way to WOMAN.
The WOMAN Way of the Fierce Feminine
Where Pleasure, Play, Purpose, and Power meet to live an extraordinary life.

Sister, you were born for this moment.
Join us for the 5 month journey to owning youR life as a queen.


The old way to “WOMAN” isn’t working. do you:

-Worry about what others think and let it stop you.
-Exhaust yourself by saying “yes” and then have no space for you.
-Stay silent about what you want then rage like a bitch
-Doubt your intuition and abilities
-Berate yourself. Beat yourself up. Call yourself names
-Wait until it’s "perfect" before you launch your dream.
-Do the "shoulds" more than the "wants"
-Blame others... and/or Blame Yourself
-Believe you aren’t worthy.
-Hustle, force, try to “make” it work,
-Feel like you have to PROVE yourself.
-Hide in fear and shame, and let trauma hold you back.

-Constantly try to please everyone else first.


You end up depleted, lacking boundaries, faking it, putting yourself last, stuck in fear, and feeling resentful.

Frankly, you’re too awesome to live that way anymore.
But Sister – there’s a better way:


Live in the Fierce Feminine
Take a fierce stand for your dreams and desires.
Fiercely protect your time, your energy, and your boundaries.
Take fierce self-responsibility for your happiness.

Choose Freedom

Free to enjoy this one precious life.

That's the call of "W": The new Way to WOMAN

Join Carina January - June 2024 in W THE program to RECLAIM YOUR SOVEREIGNTY.

W: The woman way

Where Pleasure, Play, Power and Purpose meet to live a truly magnificent life.

what we'll do

Month One:
Explore your WHOLENESS as WOMAN. WOMAN is many things: Wise, Wild, Witchy, Warrior, Wayshower, Whimsical, Mother, Queen and more. But society has demeaned WOMAN
Our natural phases of Maiden, Mother, Queen and Crone are stages we revisit over and over again. This month, we claim our WHOLENESS, we explore the Divine Feminine

Month Two:
What holds you back? What are the real or perceived binds that tie you? From what do you need to unleash? Shedding the layers of Patriarchial shaming and blaming is critical to the

Month Three:
You’re a Goddess. Reclaim the feminine qualities of intuition, creation, sensuality, wildness, deep soul wisdom, dreaming, weaving, magnetizing, being IN your body. Letting desire lead. Your body is Queen.

Month Four:
We’ve lost our power and get to reclaim it with money, with your body, with your voice, with your mind’s inner critic and your own willingness to give power away.

Month Five:
RISE - PURPOSE Be. Do. Impact. Who are you being, what does your voice need to say, what are your gifts and what is yours to DO? What impact are you meant for? Get crystal clear on your Being and on what’s yours to DO in the world.

This isn't a "program" or "course" - it's a REVOLUTION.

what you get:

  • 5 month transformational experience with women's positive psychology expert and world-renowned women's leadership coach and speaker (mid-January through mid-June 2024)
  • 5 robust modules to reclaim your power, your voice, your body, your self-love, and your purpose
  • Weekly calls: A mix of teaching, coaching and practice calls with Carina and her team of support coaches
  • One day virtual retreat kickoff in January to ground into your desires and redefine WOMAN together
  • A juicy in-person 3-day retreat at an all-inclusive resort in Cancún, Mexico* (lodging and transportation not included)
  • One day graduation retreat to celebrate your reclamation (in-person in Carina's home or virtual)
  • Private FB group for Sisterhood and support in between calls

Total value: $10,700

BUT... Because I want W to be more accessible to women, and to have a larger Sisterhood to support you and to learn with and from,
you can have all of this in W for:

ONLY $6000 FULL PAY - OR -
$688/month for 10 months

Say Yes to Yourself Sister - Your time Is Now

Why w?
you can't do life powerfully alone

It's exhausting to be a WOMAN.

The world tells you you aren't good enough. Makes you feel stupid for your big dreams. Wants you to play small.

Who you surround yourself with matters. Surround yourself with like hearted women who believe in WOMAN power, who want to see you thrive and shine, who are dedicated to living an extraordinary life!

W is the Sisterhood that changes the world TOGETHER.
These are the TOOLS of WOMAN.

Life can be hard. The world is falling apart.
We all have shit – and
your ability to turn that shit into fertilizer will make the difference in whether you live a magical, extraordinary life – or not.

The WOMAN Way is THE Way.

Our Process:

Release: Release the binds of anything that holds you back
Remember: Remember your divine feminine essence, embodying intuition, sensuality, passion, creation and pleasure where you live from your heart, soul and pussy.
Reclaim: Reclaim your power around money, sex, your body, your voice, your worth, your inner critic and mind
Rise: Rise in your divine purpose, offering the gifts that only you can and Rise as a SISTERHOOD that
changes the world to

Hi, I'm carin,
(But you can call me Carina!)

My clients call me “The Women’s Whisperer”. I've inspired tens of thousands of women as a women's empowerment coach for 12 years, podcaster of a top 30 ranked show in Self-Help, and a speaker for companies like Amazon.

As the founder of the Institute of WOMAN, and the world’s leading expert on Women’s Happiness, I free visionary women to lead the world with purpose, power, pleasure and play. I'm committed to women speaking their voices, creating their legacies, feeling turned on and sexy, living fully alive, joyful lives - and doing it together in Sisterhood. Our radiance will smash the patriarchy.

I'm here to reclaim the word "WOMAN" as the most powerful force on the planet. I have my master's degree in positive psychology from an Ivy League university, where I've been an adjunct professor, I speak at companies like LinkedIn and Victoria's Secret and I've led more than 20 women's empowerment events for thousands of women. As the author of “Wonderful YOU”, and the host of The PurposeGirl Podcast, with 600,000+ downloads, I've trained tens of thousands of women to pursue their purpose with pleasure, power and passion and am ready to serve you, Sister.

I live outside of Philly with my hubby, who is also my business partner, and our 3 year old son, who is a miracle, as I gave birth at 45. He's still a gift daily.

What is it like to work with Carina?

"(Carina) Has such a gift. She has the ability to see, honor, celebrate and encourage & inspire each of us uniquely and all of us collectively. I felt witnessed, cherished, celebrated, encouraged, accepted, & loved from Day 1. And after working together, it feels like a connection that will last and last. The bonds and love forged are real and deep."
Jaime L.

“I don't really have words for working with Carina. She really is the woman whisperer, and though she might sometimes push you to the edges, she does it lovingly and while having your back. Working with her is edgy at times, but doing the exercises full out and staying with it and through it liberated me and gave me empowerment."If you're considering working with Carina, do it. I mean seriously, do it!"

"I am incredibly grateful for having found you…your impact on me, my life is not to be described with words…"

"Working with Carina has been truly life changing, in a way that nothing else has. She opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking, feeling and perceiving my life and this world that I am part of. Carina’s incredible mix of talents –including an expertise in positive psychology, a deeply intuitive nature, a strong focus on purpose, a love for coaching others, and a natural charisma – position her uniquely to make a profound impact in the lives of those who choose to work with her. My fulfillment, relationships, emotions and confidence have all improved dramatically since working with Carin. I’m deeply grateful to her for sharing her gifts with me, and I’d recommend her services to any woman who wants a more fulfilling life!"

"I am afloat because of the things you have taught me. I actually want to do more with you. Thank you for what you have added to my life, you are AMAZING!!!! Joining your program was one of the best decisions of my whole life!"

"Working with Carina has been life altering. When I first met Carin I was at a crossroads in my life— I was at an impasse in my career and personal relationships, my inner critic wasn't particularly kind, and I felt anxious and lost. Carina truly works magic. She completely altered my perception of my place in the world in a positive way, and she gave me the tools I needed to be a more confident and authentic version of myself. I (feel) grounded and energized. Since working with Carina, I am more open, I smile and laugh more, and I see the world as a place full of mystery and wonder."

Stand in your power – the WOMAN Way.
A Free Woman is a Happy Woman.
Freedom is the call of the Fierce Feminine

Free Yourself Sister:
Free to dance wildly with abandon. Free to pursue your dreams with vigor and fire. Free to speak your voice to make a difference in the world. Free to move your hips in full sensual pleasure. Free to be unapologetic in your fierce passion. Free to make brave choices. Free to enjoy this one precious life. Free to express, to dress, to put yourself first.
You deserve the world: Unabashed joy, radiant aliveness.
It’s time to learn the tools so you have it for good.

Welcome to W. Join us, Sister.


How big is the group?
There will be about 20 women in this group.

Will I get focused attention?
Yes, you'll get lots of focused time and attention from me, Carina.

Will I like the other women?
If you're like me and most women, you have some wounding around women. From mean girls at school or on the PTA, your mom, sister, etc. That's normal. The healing will change your life, and the lives of your daughters, nieces, and all you touch. Only women can heal this wound when together, so I take my job of creating safety as the utmost importance.
This is a safe and sacred space to bring all of you and be LOVED for YOU. Obviously, we can't guarantee how you'll feel about the other women, but I've facilitated many online programs and retreats, and women have consistently LOVED each other! Many become friends for life. I genuinely believe I attract the best women on the planet.

Can I get a refund?
Because of the nature of coaching and retreats, please understand that refunds are not possible.

Will my photo be taken at the retreat and used for promotion?
We will take photos throughout the retreats for ourselves, and appropriate pictures will be shared online for other women to see the experience of retreats with me so that they can have the same experience. If you don't want your photo to be used online, that's perfect too. Just let me, Carina, know in advance and we'll make sure it is not!

What is included in the retreat?
Travel to Mexico is not included, but all coaching and activities are.

Other questions?
Please message my team: