What if this year gets to be magical?
A year of feeling Sexy. Powerful. Magnetic. Alive. Energized?
A year of being SEEN. Heard. Understood. CELEBRATED?

Where you have support when it feels like the world is falling apart?

A year to do the damn dream with a mentor who's done it all?
What if this year, on December 31, instead of shame, you're proud of yourself because you LOVE who you are, you said YES to dreams regardless of fear... and it was FUN?

There's a whole other way of being WOMAN:
ALIVE, free to fully express, bold, fun, powerful, sexy, soft, brave, authentic, whole, happy, having “it all”

without overwhelm, exhaustion, self-criticism or apology

(even when you feel messy and make mistakes - that's part of your charm!)

You get to be this. It's time to reclaim your magnificence.


You know "that" woman

  • SHE dances on the beach regardless of who's watching...
  • SHE cancels plans and rests when tired without guilt...
  • she goes for the dream & laughs loudly over her bowl of pasta captivating everyone in the cafe.
  • SHE's had trauma and pain - and she rises above to make an impact in the world.
  • SHE owns her finances, her sexuality, her joy, her destiny...

she is you... waiting to be reclaimed.

I know that woman may feel far away

when you're up all night stressing about… EVERYTHING

Your kids, money, parents, work - it's all just too much.

You beat yourself up for not yet writing that book - who would want to read it anyways?!

You're mad (and scared) about politics and feel powerless.
You crawl into bed exhausted, juggling carpool and work email, numbed out on Netflix and cabernet.

You've been in therapy for 20 years and still don't have the yummy, full, expansive life you want.
You mindlessly scroll IG - half jealous/half judging women frolicking in Italy while you're in your beige cube.

You're worried 2023 will be like every other year, when on December 31, you're mad at yourself... again.


And that doesn't mean you have to be perfect... I'm not. I'm a mom, messy, i've lived through traumas and have pain. I won't let it hold me back. I won't let it hold you back either.

Sister, You don’t have to live like this ANYMORE.

I know life has been hard. I know you've been violated. I know you're tired of being strong. Sister... There’s a whole other world of possibility where you feel alive and you own your power. You have confidence and courage.

You’re aligned spiritually and playing sexually.

Where you can be a Mess... AND CEO of your finances.
Where you can be Mama... AND super sexy.
Where it gets to be FUN!
Full of EASE...

AND, you have SUPPORT and COMMUNITY when it's HARD!

No more self-sabotoge. No more feeling not good enough.
There's a path to feel vibrant, alive, juiced up, loving your life, feeling sexy, making great money, and leading a movement to change the world… And that path is fully owning “WOMAN”.

This may seem obvious, but… We’re not men.

As the world’s leading expert in women’s happiness, I can tell you that what holds you back is centuries of patriarchally-created trauma that has made you doubt yourself. Made you feel like you aren't good enough for the career, love and money you want. Made you think you're "broken". You're NOT. The Patriarchy makes you think you're too emotional, too needy, too sensitive, too crazy, too nasty. NOPE.

You're unhappy and unfulfilled because of Good Girl programming. You hold yourself back. Make yourself small. Hide parts of you that you find unacceptable. You think you’re broken for being emotional. Wrong for being intuitive, creative and multi-faceted. Um - NO. That’s WOMAN.

When you reclaim your WHOLENESS as WOMAN, the happier and more powerful we are. You get to be Visionary Change Agent, Sex Kitten, Warrior, Rebel Bitch, Wise Woman, CEO, Queen, Goddess. You channel your rage into purpose, you courageously go for the dream, and powerful, and bold. ALL of you is Welcome. ALL of you is needed. The Year of WOMAN is to reclaim your messy, magical WHOLENESS. To be magnetic to your desires. You just have to know how to access, accept, and embody WOMAN within. A year with me, you will change your damn life.

Welcome to The Year of WOMAN.
12 Months to embodying ALL of WOMAN, to being all of YOU,

in safe, sacred Sisterhood.
Only $111 a month.

(This is seriously the BEST deal on the planet!)

About THE YEAR OF WOMAN Membership.

WOMAN is not one dimensional, so neither is this membership. Each month, we’ll dive into a different facet of being WOMAN so that we feel well-rounded, whole, balanced.

One month: Sensuality. The next: Money. The next: Self-Love.
Give me a year, and I’ll give you your LIFE BACK… but BETTER. Not the life you had in your 20’s… rather, you will have the life you’ve always wanted.

The Program:

Each month we will get intimate with a different aspect of WOMAN - your sensuality, your power, your money, your rebellious side, your career, leadership and more. You will feel whole, balanced, fully joyful and juicy.

DESIRES - Dream, vision, clarify your desires, and learn to magnetize them to you: The Visionary.
HEALTH – Mind, body, spirit - become a vessel for divine and a magnet to receive: The Goddess.
SELF-FOCUS - Whether you mother a human or the world, love w/o self sacrifice: Sexy Mama.
- Change the world with intuition, stillness, depth, moon wisdom: Witch.
JOY - Become the most joyful, happy, ecstatic, playful WOMAN you know: The Mermaid Muse.
SENSUALITY- Be the self-lover, uplevel romance, and magnetize the lover(s) you crave: The Lover.
- Live from passion as Seductress, embrace sexuality, unleash and untame: The Wild Woman

POWER - Own and and manage your Inner Bitch, righteous rage is fuel: The Rebel/Warrior.

WISDOM - Remember and claim your life wisdom, alchemize it to gold for life: The Wise Woman

PURPOSE - Take charge of your work, own your power, be the leader: The CEO

MONEY - Become a money magnet and feel financially secure: The Entrepreneur.
CONFIDENCE - Claim your worthiness, own your truth every day, every way: The Queen.

Each month you'll get:

  • Live 3 Day Course with me, Carina, where you learn and embody topics from self-worth and confidence to entrepreneurship and money, to relationships, sex, purpose, and more.
  • Live Coaching Call with me where you can ask anything and get real-time personal guidance and mentorship in a group coaching call.
  • Playbook worksheet to become a genius in the topic for yourself.
  • Multi-Day Challenge to put the topic into action and be lovingly cheerled and held accountable to do the damn thing - make/save money, take yourself on a date, etc.
  • Private Community on Facebook to share wisdom, receive celebration, do your challenges, ask for help, gain friendship, get support all year!

and... it's affordable!!!
The INVESTMENT: 2 Options

Monthly Membership

Here’s the best part: It’s only $111 a month.

Yep – for the price of a massage or a gel mani/pedi, you get mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, sexual, financial health and well-being, sacred sisterhood, and more... FOR A YEAR, but really… for the rest of your life.

  • Live 3 Day Course
  • Live Group Coaching Call
  • Playbook Worksheet
  • Meditations and Practices
  • Multi-Day Challenge
  • Private Facebook Group For Ongoing Connection/Support


AKA - The BEST deal ever.

12-month commitment

* This is a commitment of at least 12 months at the full rate. However, if you join the Year of WOMAN and you do ALL the exercises that month - the live course, the Playbook, the meditations and practices for 30 days - and you don’t get anything out of it, we will cancel your membership for the remaining 11 months.


For those of you who want the all-in, do the damn thing, be crazy powerful, over the top successful, deliciously orgasmic, insanely magnetic, live out loud unapologetically, laughing, dancing, snuggling, howling at the moon with Sisters... get the most incredible upgrade:

LIVE, IN PERSON RETREAT with me, Carina, and your Sisters!!! Join us Saturday, June 3, and/or Nov/Dec for all the hugs, snuggles, and magic that can only happen when dancing together, screaming out our rage at the world together, heart-storming ideas to change society together, holding and loving on each other. You will leave feeling more confident than you ever have! Women who come on my retreats have gotten raises, lost 40 lbs., found true love, bought an RV and traveled the country, started businesses, and more!

+ $999 per VIW retreat (Payment plan available. Note: Price may increase later.)

ever notice that women invest in their kids and not themselves?
that we liken self-care to a workout, mani/pedi or a bath?!
you need spiritual, mental, emotional, sexual, and financial heaLth toO.

You need whole woman well-being..

BONUSES! When you sign up in January, 2023, you will receive these additional bonuses:

  • Get January 2023's MasterClass, DreamALIVE for free! DreamALIVE is a 4 Day class that Carina's clients have called their "favorite class EVER" and "Pure MAGIC!". DreamALIVE retails for $222 separately - yours FREE when you join The Year of WOMAN in January!
  • Get Happiness Habits for free! The 10 Day Digital Course that gives you the proven positive psychology and divine feminine tools, journal prompts, and practices to make happiness, joy and success your new habit! Happiness Habits retails for $222 separately - yours FREE when you join The Year of WOMAN in January!
  • Get REBIRTH for free! DThe 3 Day Course to get clear about your highest self, to release the old version of you that no longer serves you and reclaim your power! Retails for $222- yours FREE when you join The Year of WOMAN in January!
    That's Up to $666 in BONUSES for joining NOW!

who you will become with The Year of WOMAN:

After a year of monthly live courses, coaching calls, meditations, practices, workbooks, with me, world-renowned mentor, Carina, and in safe, supportive, sacred Sisterhood with the most loving, supportive women on the planet,

for YOU to BE the WOMAN you were born to be.

The WOMAN who dances in the townsquare waterfall without asking permission…
The WOMAN who not only asks for the raise but gets promoted…
The WOMAN who confidently sings on open mic night…
The WOMAN who has so much fun internet dating…
The WOMAN who says “NO” to another volunteer committee and YES to a beginner’s art class…
The WOMAN leading a movement to change the world…
The WOMAN who feels financially stable...
The WOMAN who has had real trauma, and uses it all to impact others lives...

Why a Year? Because it take time.
To go from self-sabotaged exhaustion, to command every room you walk into, takes a hot minute.

and that’s why I created the Year of WOMAN.

What I’ve learned in 12 years as the only women’s empowerment coach with a Masters in Positive Psychology, the science of happiness, ordination as a divine feminine Priestess, and multiple years studying women’s sensuality, self-compassion, and gestalt trauma healing, there is a path to go from your struggles to the possibilities you desire. That path is your wholeness. Your freedom. You remembering your essence, you releasing the trauma and turning into triumph, you stepping into your next level of purpose, and you reclaiming your truth, as empowered, embodied WOMAN.

Still Unsure? I got ya. Here's Your Money Back Guarantee.
I know it can feel daunting to join something for a whole year. You wonder if it will "work" for you and you're scared. I get it, and I want this to feel good for you, so...

This is a commitment of at least 12 months at the full rate. However, if you join the Year of WOMAN and you do ALL the exercises that month - the live course, the Playbook, the meditations and practices for 30 days - and you don’t get anything out of it, we will cancel your membership for the remaining 11 months.

There! Now no excuses! :)

2023 is the Year of WOMAN.

In the 1700’s red lipstick was banned because the patriarchy thought it was “witchy” power to seduce men. (Maybe it was, haha?) In the 1800’s husbands could admit their wives to mental hospitals for the crime of having opinions. When I was born in the 1970’s, my mom’s credit card still said “Mrs. Larry Rockind,” like she had no identity - WTF?! Then, in 2022, the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade putting women’s lives in danger.

So yeah… after centuries of anti-woman rhetoric and policy…2023 is the year of WOMAN. Year of you. Year of me. Year of US.

After years of looking in the mirror and hating your wrinkles and belly…

Years of staying up all night worrying about your kids, your parents, your finances…

Years of making lunches, making your boss look good, making excuses…

Years of not asking for the raise, then your male colleague steals your idea…

Years of saying “YES” to everyone else, and “NO” to your own dreams…

YOU deserve a year for YOU.

In fact, you NEED a YEAR FOR YOU!

Hi, I'm carin,
(But you can call me Carina!)

Your Mentor, Coach and Leader of the Year of WOMAN. My clients call me “The Women’s Whisperer”, the High Priestess, the Goddess of Goddesses, the world’s leading expert on Women’s Happiness, and the Mom they wish they had.

My mission is for every woman to be FREE. To feel so ALIVE, so VIBRANT, so full of JOY and LIFE, that they speak their voice, enjoy their bodies, go for their dreams, and in essence – run the world.

Years ago, I found myself with “everything” but I felt empty and numb. I had the “perfect” lawyer husband, the colonial house in the burbs, and a Golden Retriever.

But… I longed for “MORE”. More juice. More purpose. More LIFE. I realize I had long before abandoned my true self to be “The Good Girl” who got all A’s and got her parents’ approval but wasn’t joyful. I felt trapped. Stuck. Lost. I thought, “I hate my life. I hate myself. What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I figure this out?”

I yearned for a mentor who understood me, but couldn’t find one. I didn’t want a business coach, though I wanted someone to help me launch my dreams. I didn’t want a financial planner, though I wanted to be in my power with money. I didn’t want a sexuality coach, though I wanted to be free sexually and feel beautiful sensually.

I got my Masters Degree in Positive Psychology from UPenn, and then became an initiated priestess in divine feminine wisdom. I then studied at The School of Womanly Arts for 2 years and have since taken numerous business, money, and sexuality courses.

I'm a survivor of domestic violence, armed robbery, divorce, and miscarriages. I had a 5 year fertility struggle and had my precious son at 45. I have family members who are ill. I have REAL pain turn EVERY challenge in my life into purpose, promise, and power to change the world.

As founder of the Institute for WOMAN, Women’s Happiness Day and The Women’s Day Event, as well as author of "Wonderful You", and host of the popular show, "PurposeGirl Podcast" which has been rated in the top 20 in 30 countries, as I create events, courses, retreats, and media for women to become the fully embodied, alive, joyful woman she was meant to be - scars and all. My mission is for conscious women to run the world!

What is it like to work with Carina?

"(Carina) Has such a gift. She has the ability to see, honor, celebrate and encourage & inspire each of us uniquely and all of us collectively. I felt witnessed, cherished, celebrated, encouraged, accepted, & loved from Day 1. And after working together, it feels like a connection that will last and last. The bonds and love forged are real and deep."
Jaime L.

“I don't really have words for working with Carina. She really is the woman whisperer, and though she might sometimes push you to the edges, she does it lovingly and while having your back. Working with her is edgy at times, but doing the exercises full out and staying with it and through through it liberated me and gave me empowerment."If you're considering working with Carina, do it. I mean seriously, do it!"

"I am incredibly grateful for having found you…your impact on me, my life is not to be described with words…"

"Working with Carina has been truly life changing, in a way that nothing else has. She opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking, feeling and perceiving my life and this world that I am part of. Carina’s incredible mix of talents –including an expertise in positive psychology, a deeply intuitive nature, a strong focus on purpose, a love for coaching others, and a natural charisma – position her uniquely to make a profound impact in the lives of those who choose to work with her. My fulfillment, relationships, emotions and confidence have all improved dramatically since working with Carin. I’m deeply grateful to her for sharing her gifts with me, and I’d recommend her services to any woman who wants a more fulfilling life!"

"I am afloat because of the things you have taught me. I actually want to do more with you. Thank you for what you have added to my life, you are AMAZING!!!! Joining your program was one of the best decisions of my whole life!"

"Working with Carina has been life altering. When I first met Carin I was at a crossroads in my life— I was at an impasse in my career and personal relationships, my inner critic wasn't particularly kind, and I felt anxious and lost. Carina truly works magic. She completely altered my perception of my place in the world in a positive way, and she gave me the tools I needed to be a more confident and authentic version of myself. I (feel) grounded and energized. Since working with Carina, I am more open, I smile and laugh more, and I see the world as a place full of mystery and wonder."

Why do we need The Institute of WOMAN

The world has told us that “WOMAN” is “weak” (You run like a ‘girl’) or “bitchy”.

That “feminine” means pink tampons, baby powder, and being submissive.

That our bodies – which birth all humans – are Smelly. Fat. Ugly. Wrong.

That our place is in the kitchen.

That we are to be seen and not heard.

That we are to be “pretty” for the male gaze.

That our tears are “too emotional”, our anger “unattractive.”

No. Just NO.




I've got you! All live classes and coaching calls will be recorded and you'll have access to them for the duration of your membership, so you can watch the replays at any time. There will also be daily support available in the private Facebook group to get all you need and want!

What if I don't bond with the other women?

The WOMAN wound is deep. We've all been burned by a friend, a sister, our own mothers, a female boss. And that's why we need safe sisterhoods like you'll have in The Year of WOMAN. I, Carina, am genius at creating the safest, most loving sisterhoods on the planet where women meet online and become best friends for a lifetime. This space will heal your old wounds, as it has mine. I create the Sisterhoods I always wanted and therefore, all are welcome and loved.


When you sign up, you're committing to the monthly fee for one year, because the key to this work is embracing and embodying ALL of you. ALL aspects of WOMAN. Commitment leads to results. Commitment creates a safe and solid Sisterhood for the whole group. Because you'll immediately have access to courses and materials, we can't refund. However, we are offering a 30 day money-back guarantee as I know it can feel daunting to join something for a whole year. You wonder if it will "work" for you and you're scared. I get it, and I want this to feel good for you, so if you join the Year of WOMAN and you do ALL the exercises that month - the live course, the Playbook, the meditations and practices for 30 days and you don't get anything out of it, we will refund your first month and you leave the Membership. There- now no excuses :)

can I join the VIW upgrade Retreat later?

You can purchase the the Very Important Woman Upgrade Retreat later, but the price may go up in the future. If you want to secure your spot at the retreat at the current low rate, purchase it now.