Yes! Count Me In!!
YESS, Count Me In!!

There is a magic that happens when women come together...

Join us for a 3-Day Experience in Sublime, Sacred Sisterhood to

Reclaim Your Joy, Claim Your Power, and Rise Up as the Leader You Were Born to Be!

You are MAGIC, Sister. You have a powerful essence, a spark inside, a passion waiting to be set on fire. And if you're like us, you crave support to fulfill it. A community that wants you to be BOLD. Sisters with whom you can be Wild - and change the world.

We were never meant to do life alone - that's why we're depleted and depressed. Rather, Our laughter, our tears, our stories, and our strength, weave together to create the fabric that holds us, heals us and ultimately, hoists us up to Greatness. 

When we see and celebrate each other, we RISE.

And given the state of the world, women rising TOGETHER is what we need.

Welcome to The Women’s Happiness Conference: No Sisters Left Behind, a fun, empowering, magical, and mystical experience to womanifest the life and the world of our dreams, together.

Live at the Versace Mansion, in Miami Beach, October 14 - 16, 2022 (20 spots available)

Each of us has a place in this world. A sphere of influence, a purpose, and a message to be heard that will change things for the better. 
In our homes. In our communities. In our workplace. 

On the soccer field. On social media. On the big stage.

No matter where you are called, no matter how big or small it may seem…

You have a voice and a mission

You are a powerful leader.

You have the opportunity to change the world.
And this October, at the Women’s Happiness Day Conference: No Sisters Left Behind, we’re giving you a megaphone to make a difference in your world!! Join us!

I'm ALL in!

If you...

  • Know you're "here for something", but want help honing it or living it more fully
  • Want to co-create change so you stop feeling alone
  • Crave community and long to leave a legacy
  • Long for a sisterhood that makes you feel brave
  • Are ready to stand up as a leader in your home, your community, your industry, and in the world

And you're ready to be the one who is...

  • Audacious enough to laugh loudly 
  • Wild enough to dance in the grocery store
  • Brave enough to wear the bikini 
  • Bold enough to speak your truth and use your voice to make a difference

Then the Women's Happiness Day Conference is for you.

It’s a celebration to connect to yourself and your voice - all in the safety of a sisterhood that holds you, emboldens you, and cheers you on wildly.

Together, we will...

Dance like no one's watching

Help each other heal with love

Unleash our Wildest, Wisest Biggest Essence

Have a marvelous time breaking patriarchal barriers

Take each other by the hand to create your biggest dreams

Come together, RISE and collectively, change the world!

There Will Be No Sister Left Behind!

This year’s Women’s Happiness Day theme is No Sisters Left Behind. A declaration and a promise that we are in this life and this work together. 

From the conversations at the dinner table to the messages being blasted out on podcasts and television, we know that every word, every intention, and every action is sacred. 

There is a place for all of us. For every talent. Every voice.

And we invite you to take your place amongst us and walk with us

As women, we are the power that will change the world.

Which is why the Patriarchy has worked so hard to keep us apart.

When we come together, we are stronger.

Sisterhood is the medicine.

And when we come together in joy, we are unstoppable.

What you can expect...

Join us to…

  • Co-create a vision for the world that we all will lead
  • Claim your power, voice and courage to make change
  • Alchemize righteous grief and rage and turn it into pleasure and purpose
  • Have a funeral for your doubt, fear, and shame so that you rise up in your GLORY
  • Baptize as the Unleashed WOMAN you are in the sacred ocean waters
  • Be part of the JOY REVOLUTION of Sisters
  • Heal women wounds and finally have Sisterhood that supports and celebrates you
  • Be a leader wherever you are 
  • Plus… experience true sisterhood: hugs, (skinny) dipping in the ocean, yoga on the beach, howling at the moon, dancing, laughing, playing, and holding each other.

You will leave the weekend…

  • Tapped into your innate power and turned on in your feminine joy
  • Feeling alive and shining brighter than ever before
  • With the confidence and clarity of who you are and what you are here to do 
  • Embodied and empowered to speak your truth
  • Part of a legacy of women changing the world together
  • With a lifelong sisterhood and deep connection with yourself and other women

Here's what's included...

  • 3 days of transformational and joyful experiences with 20 sisters
  • Powerful coaching with Carin and Kelly, and a weekend full of love, laughter, healing, and community - inside Versace’s private dining room. Begin with a private cocktail reception Friday night to meet and connect with Carin, Kelly and Sisters in a South beach home overlooking the Bay. Then join in person all day Saturday and until noon Sunday to receive powerful transmissions, activities and experiences to elevate, including yoga on the beach, howling at the moon, dancing together and more!

3 meals are included for Saturday and breakfast on Sunday.

What's not included:

Transportation to and within Miami, as well as lodging is not included. However, we've secured a block of rooms for the Goddesses who sign up early at an incredible rate! You will receive hotel information upon registration.

Are you in?

Investment of 3 monthly payments of $593/month
or $1777.00 pay in full - Various payment plans available

Hell yes, I'm coming to Miami!

What is Women's Happiness Day?

At 43, Carin Rockind, the Founder of Women's Happiness Day had her second miscarriage. Truth be told, she didn't want to live anymore.
So she used all of her tools: she called on Sisterhood and women gathered around her - from friends to clients to neighbors. She grieved, screamed, and got her anger out unapologetically. She went on a Retreat.
She meditated. A LOT.
In meditation, she kept asking, "Show me."
"Show me what else I'm here to birth".
Then one day, she thought of women who were also suffering, depressed, or just feeling STUCK and alone. Women who put everyone else's needs before their own, women who kept going after losing loved ones, women who were burnt out, overwhelmed, lost, bored, tired, lonely and like something was missing. She also thought of women THRIVING. Women happy in their lives and in community and successful.
Then an image came to her: she saw a globe with women gathering in small groups all over the world, coming together in Sisterhood, CLAIMING their right to their OWN happiness first, and learning positive psychology tools.
She birthed the first Women's Happiness Day October 18, 2018, the anniversary of her miscarriage. Nearly 100 groups of women met in more than 20 countries on 6 continents. She and her team created this experience pro bono, enrolling local women to create and run events. It was spectacular! From Lagos, Nigeria, to Toronto, Canada, to Singapore and Jerusalem, Israel, women rose up together and claimed their JOY. Women's Happiness Day raises awareness around the women's depression epidemic, as women are twice as likely to be depressed as men, and according to the University of Pennsylvania research, women are less happy today than women were 30 years ago. Even though we have more opportunity and more wealth, we also have more misery. There is a lot of pressure on women to do it, have it all, be it all and it has left women feeling lonely, lost, stuck and unsupported.

The medicine is Sisterhood.

The medicine is within this conference.

Meet Your Facilitators!

Kelly Mahalak, Identity & Embodiment Coach
Carin Rockind, World's Leading Happiness Expert for Women

Hi Sisters, Welcome to No Sister Left Behind, the event to create a new Sisterhood movement, together. As coaches, mentors, authors, and speakers, we've been working alone for more than 10 years. And then 18 months ago, we met in a Mastermind with our coach. We like to joke that we paid $50K for our friendship - and it was worth every penny. It was love at first sight. Maybe it was our mutual love of The Bachelorette, or our common Detroit upbringing, our obsession with Diet Cokes and coney fries, or our common passion for women leading this world, but we found a kinship in each other that's changed our lives. One minute, we're talking about how to change the world, and the next, how much we want fro yo delivery at 10 pm. We rage together, dance to Taylor Swift together, dream our dreamiest yummiest biggest dreams together and cheer on each others' genius. We literally bring each other to tears telling the other how magnificent she is. We could fear being competitors, but instead, we are collaborators. Our conversations are THE conversations - and rather than just continuing to create individual programs that create Sisterhood for others, we realized the deep soul hunger to CO-CREATE TOGETHER. To BE in the Sisterhood we're always creating. Sisterhood is the Magic. Sisterhood is the Medicine. So we've partnered together to bring us all together and re-imagine re-Sisterhood together. Our desire is to invite you into our cocoon of friendship, kinship, and love so that you too expand from this kind of Sisterhood. Our intention is to co-create WITH you so that WOMEN rise as the leaders that are needed now. Because we are. And the only way we'll get there is together.


How do I know this is for me?

The best way we can describe this is that If You Know, You Know. Your heart won't lead you astray. But if you want to know what tangible things you will leave with, you will meet soul-aligned Sisters. Carin has been called the "Great Sisterhood Igniter" by her clients because her clients gather years after the containers they met were closed. And Kelly, well, let's just say she knows how to hold a container like no other. So if you are looking for intimate, deep connection with Soul Sisters, to uncover the deep desires you have buried within, find your voice, to write your manifesto, and to be held in beautiful community, then this conference is for you. Can we really put a price on that?

Where should I stay?

We have reserved a block of rooms with a special discount for Goddesses who sign up early. Details will come with your welcome email.

What if I don't know anyone?

We get this concern and we're here for you. Many, many women have come to Carin and Kelly's programs solo, not knowing anyone... but leaving with close friends for life. It seems cliche, but Carin and Kelly take their responsibility seriously to create an open, loving container where EVERY sister feels INCLUDED. The bond created in these containers is real because you will be an experience of being seen, heard, admired and celebrated for exactly who you are. Unlike "soccer moms" or the women at the office, the women at the Woman's Happiness Day conference want to know your true self. They want to hear your struggles, and celebrate your joy. They want to see you dream bigger. They want to see you SHINE. We want to see you shine!

Are meals and transportation included?

3 meals are included on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday. But you will be responsible for your own transportation to the opening ceremony on Friday evening and to the Versace Mansion.

Is my ticket refundable?

Due to the nature of this event, we do not offer refunds.

What about COVID?

Our number one priority is your safety, so we will follow all CDC guidelines. Knowing that these change, we will keep you up to date as we get closer to the event.

How much is a ticket?

Tickets are $1777.00 for a one-time investment or various payment plans available.