hi, VISIONARY woman
YouR SOUL CAME HERE to lead a movEment.

YOU WERE born to make massive impact -
superSoul Sunday with Oprah impact.
Best friends with brenÉ and michelle obama impact.


Right now, you’re stuck all day behind a Zoom screen, coaching.

Spinning your wheels with social media algorithms.
Comparing yourself to others, feeling less than.
Trying t
o get one client, then another one.

Stressed about MailChimp and Canva.
Creating program after program.



When you’re honest with yourself – it’s killing you.
Killing your spirit. Preying on your soul. Sucking the life out of you.
Because you KNOW you’re here for MORE.

So. Much. MORE.

You were born to change the world.
To speak your message.
To gather the humans. To take down the patriarchy.

that's you, ROCKSTAR

You get to be this.
Having a vision is one thing - but you need to EXECUTE on it.
To share it with others in order to lead a revolution. I will guide you every step to fully living and earning as the Revolutionary you are, from creating your "BOSS TALK," to having your ROCKSTAR speaking system, to launching your own show, and getting in the media.
Then, you'll speak at my BIG event to speak at in October like the ROCKSTAR you are.



Sister, you built your BIZ with
all the right intentions...

To make a difference in the world, to do good.

To have your own schedule.
To earn a good income for your family.

You knew you were meant for BIG things.

You wanted to be a speaker, but never knew HOW to get gigs, so you put out another 1:1 coaching offer instead.

And then you're left empty. Wanting.

You've hired all the coaches to help - they taught you to raise your prices and do mindset work,
but you spend more time selling and mindsetting your way to feel better, than you do helping people.

Ever want to just burn it all down?
You think: "Maybe I should get a J.O.B "

Oh sister, YOU WERE not BORN FOR this bullshit.

there is a better way:
The rockstar way.

get paid to speak, teach and write.
as a Thought Leader, a WOMAN WITH PURPOSE,

Organizations pay $3K, $5K, $10K and more ALL. THE. TIME. for speakers.
And now that the pandemic is easing, events are in full swing.
They need experts who have soulful, powerful messages, stories, and wisdom. (That's YOU!)

It's the fastest, best way for you to make major impact, generate client leads, and make bank.

Social media is great and you may get a viral video...

OR, it may end up in no man's land, falling on deaf ears and get 1 like from your mom.

That's why you need to be in front of groups, and big audiences instead.
Your message is NEEDED NOW to heal this world.

I know, Carina, But HOW do I do it??

You need to have a powerful story, unique brand message, and audacious vision.
You need to hold powerful live events that rock this world.
You need to speak on others' stages.
Have your own show.
Write your book.
Get PR.
And have a PROVEN SYSTEM to bring clients to you for your sacred work.
While you have SUPPORT and a MENTOR to guide you every step of the way.

sister, you get all of this in rockstar mentorship!


Welcome to rockstar

ROCKSTAR is not just another coaching program - it's practical training for your spiritual mission.

ROCKSTAR moves you beyond coaching, and beyond your day job to create a movement that revolutionizes the world. You get to be paid to speak, write, teach - and if you want, coach too!

Imagine BIRTHING your greatest impact.
Your TRUE message.
Your DIVINE purpose.


Where you get yourself on stages – including one that I build for you.

Where you launch your podcast, get out on other pods, and share your message.

Where you hold retreats and events, and fill them with ease.

This is a hands-on mentorship where I don't just empower you, or show you what to do -

By the end of ROCKSTAR, you will:
Have your signature "B.O.S.S. Talk" done and ready for gigs!
Have your ROCKSTAR Speaking System in place and pipeline filled!
Complete speaker materials and outline your topics!
Be ready to host in person retreats/events!
Know how to launch/grow your podcast!
Learn how to publish your book!
Learn how to get PR!
(The most EXCITING... drumroll please...)

Give your B.O.S.S. Talk at an event for 250+ women

Yep, I'm hosting an event for my audience in October for Women's Happiness Day and you
will speak at it, giving YOUR "signature" talk, inspiring the crowd, creating momentum for your movement, and potentially earning income that is immediate ROI for joining ROCKSTAR.
Interested in spreading your message and getting an ROI?

Hi, I'm carina
Keynote speaker for the likes of Amazon and Victoria’s Secret, former Sirius XM “Happiness Guru,” podcaster with 500,000 + downloads, a show ranked top 20 in self-help, and retreat leader to hundreds taking women to Paris, Tuscany, Miami, Tulum and more.

I'm the founder of the world’s largest event for International Women’s Day, The Women’s Day Event with 2500 attendees, founder of Women’s Happiness Day that's held 200 events in 30 countries, and published author of "Wonderful YOU."

Plus, I’m a coach.

I've done what most coaches wish they could do - create a movement, speak on stages, get paid really well for it, and have a large impact.

I built my coaching business from speaking - and it was full of JOY, EASE and MONEY. Because every time I spoke, I made a massive impact, I was paid well, I had FUN, and I got coaching clients -
The best win-win-win!!

So when COVID came and I had to shut down speaking,
I felt desperate.

I hired a high price coach to teach me how to sell high ticket packages.

I had $200K months as a coach, but sitting behind

a desk for 9 hours a day, my soul screamed at me:
“THIS is NOT what I came here for!!”

I love 1:1, but I'm here for 1:MANY.
Are you too?)

With the pandemic easing, employees are back in the office, live trainings are back on,
event planners are filling rooms and booking speakers,
and people want to be in person, on retreats.

we can now move the masses again.
join rockstar to get it done.

ROCKSTAR mentorship:
how it works + what you get

ROCKSTAR offers 6 months of support to not only teach you "how" to create your revolution (and be paid for it), but in which
you actually DO the work so that you get your movement moving!
We will meet every other week in "Office Hours" for you to get coaching, mentorship, sisterhood and support through all of your needs. Plus have half day retreats, a 3 Day Live Intensive, and workbooks for you to have all you need to be a ROCKSTAR!

Kick off with a 3 hour online retreat May 17 to clarify your biggest, truest calling

Join us for a second half day retreat June 16 to hone in on your brand and your message.

Workbook and pre-work to create the foundation you'll need to become a ROCKSTAR.

We'll overcome fears, and amplify your inner courage to create your dreams as part of your 3 day intensive.

3 Day Live Training (in person or online) August 5 - 7 to create and workshop your B.O.S.S. talk, learn the ROCKSTAR speaking system to generate your pipeline, conceive your own show (podcast, YouTube, radio, FB/IG Live, TikTok or other), and plan your retreat.


Learn how to expand your movement and attract followers, through guest teachers curated just for you:

    *Dates TBD

Learn how to leverage your speaking gigs by attracting paying coaching clients and additional speaking opportunities with no additional effort! Workbook and training in an Office Hour call.


Give your "B.O.S.S. TALK" at Women's Happiness Day to an audience of at least 250 women!!!


We continue with group coaching calls (Office Hours) for a month after the BIG event so that we can (1) CELEBRATE and (2) keep your momentum going. You'll get support on working your pipeline and getting on more stages!


You don't have to do this alone. You can't. I will guide you every step of the way, nurturing and loving you, helping you move through blocks, doubts and fears, as well as giving you the practical coaching "how to" so that you create what you've always wanted. Plus, you'll be surrounded by other inspiring, VISIONARY women, who cheer you on for the rest of your life!
You'll get Office Hours, which are group coaching calls, every other week where you can come and ask questions to get ongoing support and mentorship June - October!



ROCKSTAR WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. the 3 day intensive will rock your soul. the world will NEVER BE THE SAME.

Investment + ROI

Rockstar is a Get-It-Done Mentorship. You get my loving support and powerful coaching, while also getting tangible, practical, proven systems and tools that allow you to become a sought after speaker, published author, and show host, all of which ultimately give you the platform and income to lead your REVOLUTION, change the world, and be PAID for it.

This program has direct Return on Investment, as just 1 speaking gig, or 2 coaching clients that come from this robust and proven system will pay you back immediately.

You'll walk away with your go-to speech, a system to book clients, an active pipeline, materials created, events booked, your REVOLUTIONARY SHOW in process, and a big, live speaking gig for 250+ women on Women's Happiness Day done!

My mentors charge $20K for speaker training.

However... because this is my first time running ROCKSTAR...
You get all of this for half of that -
Only $1666.67 per month for 6 months ($10K) or get $500 off with full payment upfront!

(This program and system teaches you how to make money and impact, so with just 2 or 3 clients and/or gigs earned from this training and system, it pays for itself!)

Dates and times

There is so much to this mentorship, so here's an outline:
Wednesday, may 17 11 am - 2 pm half day intensive

friday, june 16 1 - 4 pm half day intensive

Friday - Sunday, August 5 - 7 three day intensive

group coaching calls Tuesdays (except for July 5) 2:30 - 3:30 pm

June 6 and 20

July 5 and 18

august 1 and 15

September 5 and 19

october 10 and 24

Tuesday, october 3 10 am - noon Run through for Women's Happiness DaY

saturday, october 7 Women's happiness day

All times are ET, and dates and times are subject to change.


Every ROCKSTAR needs a book, PR, and their own superstar SHOW! ROCKSTAR is here to prep you be the BEST you can be and create your BIGGEST impact imaginable, so I've curated the BEST of the BEST guest faculty to help you do that. With your guest faculty, you'll learn how to EXPAND your vision, get your message out en masse in more ways, and attract your people.
These faculty each charge THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS for their work. But as part of ROCKSTAR, you get them FOR FREE!
So without further ado, here they are...

Andrea seydel
Founder, Live Life Happy Publishing

Andrea Seydel is a best-selling author, positive psychology practitioner, and publisher. As a book doula, she helps people painlessly give birth to their books, providing support and guidance through every step of the writing and publishing process. Andrea has helped numerous authors bring their books to life and achieve their publishing goals. Her passion for helping others share their stories and experiences has led her to publish books across a range of genres, from memoirs to self-help to fiction.

Joshua Klur
Podcast Producer

Josh got his start founding and producing The PurposeGirl Podcast, doing all the behind-the-scenes magic, from managing the equipment to setting up the interviews, from editing to publishing and distributing the episodes, and so much more. The PurposeGirl Podcast has now released over 300 weekly episodes, featuring everyone from NY Times best sellers to top researchers in the field of psychology to influential artists, has hit top 20 rankings in dozens of countries around the world, and has attracted several major sponsors. In addition to supporting podcasters and soon-to-be-podcasters one-on-one, Josh also teaches local podcasting classes in the Philadelphia area.

Pollyanna Brown

Publicity Specialist | Journalist | Expert Ghostwriter

PollyAnna Brown is a communication expert, journalist, copywriter, messaging and media strategist, using her 15+ years of experience in entertainment and psychology to help business owners and entrepreneurs grow their audience, impact, and sales. PollyAnna helps business owners get their transformational messages in front millions of their ideal clients on a global scale.


DO IT FOR YOU PODCAST UPGRADE: If editing, creating trailers, intros, outros and all that seems too overwhelming to do and create, Joshua Klur - my producer for my popular podcast - will do it for you. You'll get your trailer, intro, outro, and 3 full episodes produced! PLUS, you'll get 5 training calls to plan your pod, know what equipment to get, learn how to record, learn how to edit, upload, produce and promote!

Usually $2500, but for my ROCKSTARS... $2,000!

One to One Coaching UPGRADE: If you crave more personal attention from me, Carina, and you want my hands more on your sacred work, your message, your speech, and your life, then get the 1:1 Coaching Upgrade. I will work with THREE ROCKSTARS ONLY as an added 1:1 bonus. You'll get 6 monthly 45-minute Zoom calls, plus receive the recordings and transcripts of them so that you can return to them after to capture all of the learning, homework, and wisdom we co-create.
Usually $4000, but for 3 ROCKSTARS... $3000!

why rockstar?
Because you're here for the big stage,
not the small screen.

Because speaking pays you.

Because speaking gives you the opportunity to impact a lot of people, and have them pay you as a coach too!

You're fed up, too experienced and way too genius for the social media game.

You want someone to teach you WHAT TO DO - yes mindset and pleasure are important and you'll get that from me, Carina, too, but this is training with tangible outcomes and results!

You've had coaches teach you to grow your business to Hit $5K, $10K, even $20 or $40K months,
But you’re overwhelmed, out of alignment and even…. bored.

Deep down, you know you're here for more than coaching 1, or 5, 10 or even 20 clients at a time.
Way more.

You're here for massive impact.
No amount of raising your coaching prices is going to make you more fulfilled

In fact, every year, you’ve promised yourself, “THIS is the year I stop coaching.”

But you’re still here. In the same business model.
Because you don’t know HOW to do it differently - yet...

That's ROCKSTAR Mentorship:
ONE place for you to reign over your REVOLUTION

You don't have to go to a speaking coach + a podcast coach + a publishing coach + a mindset and divine feminine mentor + a MasterMind for Sisterhood.

That's a lot of money and too much time.

ROCKSTAR is all of that - in one powerful package.

with the best mentor on the planet.

don't miss this, sister.

step into your true calling and join us now!

More about me, your mentor

Clients call me “The Woman Whisperer”, the High Priestess, the Goddess of Goddesses, the world’s leading expert on Women’s Happiness, and the Mom they wish they had.

I'm on a mission for conscious women to lead the world because then, we'll have love and equity. When women are free, they are joyous, radiant, and go for their dreams.

Years ago, I found myself with “everything” (lawyer husband, house in the burbs, Golden Retriever), but I felt empty. I yearned for a mentor who understood me, but couldn’t find one so I got my Masters Degree in Positive Psychology from UPenn to lead the way. I became an initiated priestess in divine feminine wisdom, and then studied at The School of Womanly Arts.

I'm a survivor of domestic violence, armed robbery, divorce, and miscarriages. I had a 5 year fertility struggle and had my precious son at 45. I have family members who are ill. I have REAL pain and turn EVERY challenge in my life into purpose, promise, and power to change the world.

I'm a Big Ovary Super Star - a B.O.S.S and want to run the world with you.

What is it like to work with Carina?

"(Carina) Has such a gift. She has the ability to see, honor, celebrate and encourage & inspire each of us uniquely and all of us collectively. I felt witnessed, cherished, celebrated, encouraged, accepted, & loved from Day 1. And after working together, it feels like a connection that will last and last. The bonds and love forged are real and deep."
Jaime L.

“I don't really have words for working with Carina. She really is the woman whisperer, and though she might sometimes push you to the edges, she does it lovingly and while having your back. Working with her is edgy at times, but doing the exercises full out and staying with it and through through it liberated me and gave me empowerment."If you're considering working with Carina, do it. I mean seriously, do it!"

"I am incredibly grateful for having found you…your impact on me, my life is not to be described with words…"

"Working with Carina has been truly life changing, in a way that nothing else has. She opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking, feeling and perceiving my life and this world that I am part of. Carina’s incredible mix of talents –including an expertise in positive psychology, a deeply intuitive nature, a strong focus on purpose, a love for coaching others, and a natural charisma – position her uniquely to make a profound impact in the lives of those who choose to work with her. My fulfillment, relationships, emotions and confidence have all improved dramatically since working with Carin. I’m deeply grateful to her for sharing her gifts with me, and I’d recommend her services to any woman who wants a more fulfilling life!"

"I am afloat because of the things you have taught me. I actually want to do more with you. Thank you for what you have added to my life, you are AMAZING!!!! Joining your program was one of the best decisions of my whole life!"

"Working with Carina has been life altering. When I first met Carin I was at a crossroads in my life— I was at an impasse in my career and personal relationships, my inner critic wasn't particularly kind, and I felt anxious and lost. Carina truly works magic. She completely altered my perception of my place in the world in a positive way, and she gave me the tools I needed to be a more confident and authentic version of myself. I (feel) grounded and energized. Since working with Carina, I am more open, I smile and laugh more, and I see the world as a place full of mystery and wonder."



I've got you! All calls will be recorded and you'll have access to them for the duration of the course, so you can watch the replays at any time. There will also be support available in the private Facebook group to get all you need to become the ROCKSTAR you're born to be.

Are modules in person, workbooks, or videos?
The 9 modules are a mix of sessions, workbooks, and homework to support different learning styles and so that you get both the practical and deeply spiritual training. The website above outlines which is which: Modules 1 and 2 are the half day online trainings. Module 3 is a workbook. Modules 4 and 5 are the 3 Day intensive, Module 6 are the guest teachers and dates are TBD, Module 7 is a workbook and info covered in an Office Hour, Module 8 is your B.O.S.S. Talk at Women’s Happiness Day and Module 9 are office hours and homework to keep you on track after WHD!

Office Hours are group coaching time so that I can answer questions, help you overcome anywhere you're feeling stuck, and keep you moving on track. You can bring personal or professional needs to Office Hours. They begin after the first half day and continue in between all the live sessions.

Office Hours will be usually be every other Tuesday at 2:30 pm ET, but there will be occasional times I need to shift them.

The good news is that the first few modules of ROCKSTAR are all about honing in on your message. In the first module (a half day together), we'll hone in on the Revolution you're here to lead, including your vision, your genius, and your "WHY" (purpose) that others will want to follow and need to hear.

The second module is "BDSM" - your brand, design, story and message. Again, in a half day, we'll hone in on this. Between these will be homework to help you hone in. Then with Module 3, "Setting the Foundation", it's a workbook to go deeper and get more clear. Of course, then you can lean into me and your ROCKSTAR Sisters for feedback as you get clear. All of that takes place May - early August. And then when we get more "practical" in the 3 day training, your "B.O.S.S. Talk" (message) will be workshopped with us all. 

So all of this is to say that where you are is PERFECT for this program. In fact, it's going to give you exactly what you need to get that clarity. Don't wait. If you wait to start until something is perfect, you'll never start. Rather, start here and get the support you need to get there.