Well-behaved women rarely make history...
RADIANT ones change it.

Your genius is needed now.

We need more WOMEN Leaders. We need you.
You're a visionary. A Revolutionary, here to smash the patriarchy and return women to their magnificence.
You know your message; you love your work.

And... you know you're here for more.

More than just a few clients here or there.
More than the panic about impact and income.
It's maddening to post on social media every day to crickets when you know how magical you are!!

You, Sister, are here for major impact.
To shake things up with your vibrant essence.
To shift the paradigm for humanity with your holy work.
To be a LEADER.
To be paid well for your genius.

You're here to lead a REVOLUTION.
And I will help you do it.
Right now, we need WOMEN TO LEAD THE WORLD.

Join me and just 4 other powerful women in Radiant REVOLUTIONARY - an intimate MistressMind where we will change the world together.I will help bring out YOUR genius wisdom, show you what I've done to impact masses, and, we will co-create a project together as Revolutionaries.

This is the paradigm shifter you've been waiting for, Love. Join us now.

I'm claiming my spot as a Radiant Revolutionary

Our work will focus on your professional and personal radiance, as the more alive you feel inside, the more you create and
magnetize on the outside.


Sometimes clients ask if they can move in with me... Radiant REVOLUTIONARY is the next best thing. You'll have me in your pocket for 6 months, with 3 group coaching calls each month, 1:1 mentorship, daily support, 2 juicy retreats, one in... MADRID! And with only 5 women, you'll get my personal attention and the empowering sisterhood to move you forward. Plus, we'll work together on projects so that women lead now.

In Radiant REVOLUTIONARY, you will:
1. Step into, and live as, the highest, most vibrant version of yourself. Powerful. Bold. Radiant. On Fire. You will have daily practices and we will hold you when you doubt yourself. We will hold the mirror for you and help you return to "HER" over and over again. We'll support you in being "delusional" and "unapologetic" about who you are and why you must lead your Revolution.

2. Get your sacred work out in big ways, so that we collectively change the world. We'll lovingly push you to get the podcast done and/or increase your reach. We'll lovingly support you in creating the retreat and enrolling women to join you. We'll support you in speaking on as many stages and platforms as you can so that you create a surge of planetary shift and income.

3. Work TOGETHER to co-create a revolutionary project: Here's the juiciest part - we will co-create something as a sisterhood - an event or course that will change women's lives and the world! This is the REVOLUTION!

Each time a WOMAN stands up,
she stands up for all women.

-Maya Angelou

What you get in Radiant REVOLUTIONARY:

Throughout 6 months, we're taking a wild,
powerful ride. I will stand for your greatness.
You'll stand for your Revolution.
Together, we stand for a better world.

Revolution Retreat

Early in the program, we'll have a half day virtual retreat to clarify your vision and ignite our work together. You'll go deep into your heart and soul for the secret dreams that are only in your Notes app, only in a journal from 10 years ago, and we'll bring them out to bring them to life.

3 Group Calls/Month

We'll meet nearly every week to progress your Revolution forward. You'll get deep coaching from me and ideas from your Sisters so that you bring your vision to life.

3 One-on-On Calls

You get 3 one-on-one mentorship calls with me throughout the 6 months to create new ideas and keep you on track toward your goals and desires.

Daily Support + Sisterhood

You will have a priate Facebook group for daily coaching, encouragement, and Sisterhood support.

Co-Creation TOGETHER

Here's the true magic... I won't just coach you, we will co-create a project, such as an event podcast, together, as a sisterhood.

Grand Finale Retreat in...
Luxurious Madrid!

We'll complete Radiant
Revolutionary with a luxurious
3 day, 3 night retreat in beauty,
art, architecture and fashion
to take us to the height of our
being and radiance!

BONUS! You will get to be featured on my podcast that has had 650,000 downloads!
(A $2000 value!)

BONUS! You will get an interview on the WOMAN Rising Facebook Group of 4,500 women!
(A $1000 value!)

Hi, I'm Carina

I’m leading a global revolution for every WOMAN to reclaim her power and for us to rise together in our magnificent glory. I take a stand for all women to fulfill their wildest dreams.

As a coach, I don't just coach you. I give my clients a platform. I'm the coach who holds events with 300 people for my clients to speak at. I put my clients on my podcast. I support your work because we are women who empower women to empower women.

As a Speaker, Podcaster, Author, Coach, and Founder of The Institute of WOMAN and Women's Happiness Day, I’ve spoken on stages for 1000+ people at companies like Amazon, been the “Happiness Guru” on a SiriusXM show and coached thousands of women to reclaim their power through Sisterhood, courses and groups.

I’m a domestic violence, armed robbery and miscarriage Survivor who has turned my pain into purpose to be the Mama, Wife, Feminist, World Traveler and High Priestess I was born to be.

I am Wild & Free. Wise & Grounded. Alive & On Fire and I can't wait to mentor you.


You get maximum support in Radiant REVOLUTIONARY. With 3 intimate group coaching calls per month throughout 6 months, 3 one-to-one mentorship calls with me, a half day virtual retreat, a 3 day retreat in Madrid with housing, co-creating a project together, a feature on my podcast, an interview in WOMAN Rising and a private Facebook group for sisterhood and daily support...
Radiant REVOLUTIONARY is worth more than $22,000.

However, Radiant REVOLUTIONARY is available to 5 women for only:
A single payment of $9999 -or-
Click on the Affirm button at checkout for payment plans.

*Note: Transportation to Madrid is not included. Rooms in Madrid are shared.

If you know you want to claim one of the 2 spots left, click on the button below. Or if you'd like to set up a 30-minute call with me to determine if Radiant REVOLUTIONARY is for you, email: team@theinstituteofwoman.com

Sister, the time is now. The world has gone mad. People are at war. Women's leadership is needed now. Let's change the world TOGETHER.

What's it like to work with Carina?

I’m so beyond grateful for this amazing program you created for someone like me! I feel overjoyed and proud and I just want to thank you for creating this beautiful container. You are an AMAZING mentor! Thank you soooo much!!! I don’t think you will ever truly know how much you have impacted my life.
- Dominique Valesquez

Thank you thank you thank you. You are amazing. Beyond amazing. Such an inspiration. I'm so grateful that I followed that voice within. That spark within. That knowingness that you are my person. For everything you do. Your radiance. Your fierceness. For being a living example of everything that's possible.Thank you. I really feel that this is just the beginning. This feels like the launchpad and it's so exhilarating. I'm so grateful for you.
- Dana Inouye

Carina is a miracle worker! The way she pulls the magic out of every woman is powerful. Plus, she builds the best sisterhoods on the planet.Working with Carina, I found MY VOICE! There was a fundamental change in me from then on. People could see it in my photos and hear it in my voice. I've stepped fully into my joy, freed myself from blocks that kept me stuck, created my brand, and launched my work, programs and podcast! Every woman needs her. She has the gift of seeing each woman where she is. - Lisa Payne

I don't really have words for working with Carina. She really is the woman whisperer, and though she might sometimes push you to the edges, she does it lovingly and while having your back. Working with her is edgy at times, but doing the exercises full out and staying with it and through through it liberated me and gave me empowerment. If you're considering working with Carina, do it. I mean seriously, do it!
- Venla Kärki

Overflowing with appreciation and awe!! Saying I am honored to have you each in my life is such an understatement - I feel like I need to pinch myself - is this all REAL - from what we accomplished and created - to the sisterhood I now feel so deeply connected with - I just feel like the LUCKIEST! You each make me feel seen, understood and loved and for that, I am forever grateful!! - Sara Viana

And the time came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. - Anais Nin


Will I get focused attention?
Yes, Radiant REVOLUTIONARY is only available for 5 women, so you'll get lots of focused time and attention from me on every group call, plus you'll have 3 one on one coaching calls, and I'll answer all messages in the private Facebook group.

Will I like the other women?
If you're like me and most women, you have some wounding around women. From mean girls at school or on the PTA, your mom, sister, etc. That's normal, and it's a reason to go on a retreat like this. The healing will change your life, and the lives of your daughters, nieces, and all you touch. Only women can heal this wound when together, so I take my job of creating safety as the utmost importance.

This is a safe and sacred space to bring all of you and be LOVED for YOU. Obviously, we can't guarantee how you'll feel about the other women, but in the more than 20 group programs I've facilitated, women have consistently LOVED each other! Many become friends for life. I genuinely attract the best women on the planet.

Do you guarantee increased income or impact?
I guarantee that I will support you in creating a plan to increase income and impact, and I guarantee to teach you what has worked for me, as well as to help you find your own path. However, I can't guarantee the outcome because you have to do both the inner work and outer work. I can lead you to water but can't force you to drink. I can promise that women who work with me and do the work love the results!

Will my photo be taken and used for promotion?
We will take photos and appropriate pictures will be shared online for other women to see the experience of work with me so that they can have the same experience. If you don't want your photo to be used online, that's perfect too. Just let me, Carina, know in advance and we'll make sure it is not!

Other questions?
Want to set up a 30 minute call to discuss if Radiant REVOLUTIONARY is for you? Please message my team: Team@theinstituteofwoman.com

Sister, the time is now. The world has gone mad. People are at war. Women's leadership is needed now. Let's change the world TOGETHER.